We made it!!!!! We were transferred to our hospice this morning and Daisy got to spend her birthday with the family! Everyone is tired and happy just to be together under one roof at long last. Will post photos tomorrow, I'm off to round up the older 3 children who have gone hyperactive with all the sugar they have consumed.............


anahita said...

Ulysses ,sergio and i wish little Daisy a very happy birthday.
We're happy you made it and were able to spend this day everyone together.

looking forward to seeing the pictures and
thanks for this blog

Anonymous said...

Great news and happy birthday too! I've just packed mine off to Devon for a week. A peaceful working Christmas for me!!
Mark - Bristol xxx

Colin said...

Happy Birthday Daisy

Love col Cath and Helaina

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie
I am mum to a little girl who also goes to Chase. i have been following your blog for several weeks and praying really hard that you made it to Chase. Of course I am so delighted that you did. I hope Daisy's birthday went well and that you all had a fun filled Christmas at Christopher's. Can't wait to see the photos!

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