Faster, Higher, Stronger.....

When Daisy was nearly 7 months old she had a gastrostomy tube inserted as an emergency case.  It was an emergency because at the time we were relying on a nasal-gastric tube to feed her and her vomiting and excess secretions meant that it would come out several times a day and she was losing weight and dropping her blood sugars constantly as a result - as we now know the weight loss was going to happen regardless as her gut became unfeedable but at the time we had to try every option.

Gastrostomy insertions are often done as a day case or overnight but at that point in her life Daisy was needing intensive care after every anaesthetic so she had 24 hours in ICU plus a couple of days on a surgical ward before she was well enough to come home.

That week in July was a big one in the UK and Daisy and I were able to witness it all , while the rest of the family were at work and school.  On the 6th July we turned on the TV for the live announcement of the decision on who was to host the Olympics in 2012 - I had been following the progress of the bid keenly and was over the moon when the announcement was made, hugging Daisy, not really thinking about what the next 7 years would bring.