Do I inspire you?

I heard this week that my blog has been shortlisted in the the Inspire category of the equivalent of the the blog oscars, the Brilliance in Blogging Awards or BiBs (some of you may remember that two years ago I reached the final of these awards).

Another brick in the wall

Today we sent a letter to our local education authority, we have made a request for yet another of our children to be assessed for support for special education needs - that's 3 out of four of our children who learn differently, who need support to help them access education and achieve their potential.  Realistically though it should only be one of my children who needs this extra help - Daisy is the one in special school with a learning disability, visual impairment and highly complex medical needs which limit the time she can spend in school.  It's completely logical that she should have a statement and funding assigned to her to help her reach her potential.  But my boys, differently wired, with their own unique learning styles, they have high IQ's, they are eager to learn, they just learn differently - the way they do things, their idea of success and achievement, it's totally out of kilter with our modern day, sausage machine education system.