The day I dodged a bullet

As my children grow up I find myself using some of their phrases to describe things and "dodging a bullet" really does describe what happened to me recently.

aaah - the wisdom of Yoda...

When you are a full time parent carer life tends to revolve around the health needs of your child, or in my case children - together with Daisy's ever increasing care needs, IV infusions, TPN, pain

Parental Guidance Required

I have four children, their current ages are 16, 14, 11 and 8.  In the eyes of the law however my eldest child is in a grey zone, hovering between adolescence and adulthood.  You see I have recently discovered that the years between 16 to 18 mean different things depending on what you are looking at.

When Theo turned 16 he proudly reeled off the list of all the things he could now do:-

Ride a moped, buy a lottery ticket, drink alcohol if it is with a meal, fly a glider...

That was the interesting stuff.

But what about the other stuff?   The stuff we really didn't think about until it started to impact his life.