A tale of 3 Marathons

For those of you who don't know, on Sunday 21 April I will be joining 35, 0000 other people in running the Virgin London Marathon 2013.

If you follow this blog you will know that I returned to running in January last year, joining my local club, Wimbledon Windmilers and taking on the challenge to run 7 races to mark the 7 years of care our family have received from our wonderful hospice, ShootingStar-Chase.  You can read more about this here This Mother's Day I will be mostly... and here Fundraising for our Hospice.

Why vaccination is a no brainer for me

There is currently a measles epidemic in South Wales.  Measles epidemic?  A disease that was almost eradicated in the UK? But we have a UK wide vaccination programme - how can it be possible?

How can it be that  the UK had the second highest number of measles cases in Europe last year with 1,902 confirmed cases  not including the new cases in South Wales?  (The European total was 8,230).

It seems in the UK we are still paying the price for the scaremongering caused by the flawed "research" by Andrew Wakefield claiming a link between the MMR Jab & autism. His hypothesis is that he found a new form of bowel disease that was only present in autistic children and he linked this to the MMR jab.   And so he opened Pandora's Box as parents made the connection between MMR and Autism, despite the original Wakefield report being shown to be completely flawed, the author to have multiple conflicts of interest and to have manipulated evidence, despite Andrew Wakefield being struck off the Medical Register by the General Medical Council. Despite multiple studies which showed no link between the MMR vaccine and autism the seed of doubt had been sown in the minds of otherwise intelligent people.