Do I inspire you?

I heard this week that my blog has been shortlisted in the the Inspire category of the equivalent of the the blog oscars, the Brilliance in Blogging Awards or BiBs (some of you may remember that two years ago I reached the final of these awards).

To make the finals again depends on votes. 4 blogs with the highest number of votes go through, two more are selected to go through, the final 6 are then reviewed by an independent judge who will decide the winner.  It's a great accolade to get to this stage, to get to the next stage, as I did two years ago would be amazing but I don't write this blog for awards.

I started writing Was this in the Plan? , 5 1/2 years ago as a way of documenting everything that was going on in our lives as Daisy's health deteriorated and she was diagnosed with intestinal failure and became TPN dependent.  Over the years I have tried to be very honest and open, as we faced health battle after health battle, then learned about Theo's asperger diagnosis and then came to terms with Daisy's epilepsy and continued deterioration.

My blog has also become my soap box as I share my thoughts on subjects I feel passionately about; the role of carers, rare diseases, special educational needs, children's palliative care, the NHS....

As I rediscovered my love of running, I have shared that journey on this blog too as well as my battles to keep my own identity and thrive while trying to juggle an ever complicated medical care workload for Daisy.

I know many of my friends who have children with additional needs read my blog and feel that I put into words what they are feeling - and that is why I blog, I don't write for the blogger community, which is probably why I have less page views and site rankings than other blogs.  I write for those who don't or can't , my special needs family with whom I share a journey.  Many of them don't have the time or inclination to write their story down but unless someone tells the world the reality of what life is really like parenting children with additional needs then viewpoints won't change and people will not understand.

I don't write because I want to inspire you , I write my story to share the realities of a life lived by hundreds of others in the same shoes as us - those bleary eyed, frazzled, battling mums that I call my friends.

If you would like to see my blog make the finals, I would appreciate your vote hugely.  If I don't make it, it won't stop me doing what I do, I will always write this blog as long as I have a story to tell that interests people.   It may not be the prettiest blog, I may not update it every day, or when things go pear shaped here, every week even, but it's an old familiar friend and it's my legacy to my children.

But if you would like to vote, you can click on the button, I'd like to hope I inspire you, but more importantly I hope that by sharing our story I educate and inform you



  1. Congratulations Steph. I'm so very pleased to see your blog in the Inspire category this year. You inspire more of us than you think. Hayley x

  2. LOVE the look of the blog. And Daisy seems like an inspiration - as do you! So yes, I'd say you inspire! Look forward to meeting you at BML. My grandma had one of the worlds first ever heart valve replacement ops when she was 42... she's now 94! Hearts can be amazing x

  3. Ruth Davies Knowles10:26 am

    Congratulations and I think your blog looks very pretty indeed! :-)

  4. Adora7:08 am

    Congr8s... I think yes... you did..

  5. Just popped by to let you know the link is changed and working ;) Good luck with the BiBs x