They choose vanity, we choose life

This picture appeared on my facebook timeline this week....

I get a lot of medical pictures and information coming through my timeline, it's inevitable when you consider how medicalised our life has become.  But on closer inspection I discovered this is not a picture of two people on IVs in hospital.  No, this is the actor Ryan Phillipe and his girlfriend relaxing while having intravenous infusions of vitamins and fluids in order to give them an energy boost.

Take a stand for Daisy

Retard - that word hits me like a knife through the heart.  9 years ago it would not have.  I did not even know what the politically correct term to refer to what we now call learning disability was.  I grew up using the word Mongol for a child with downs syndrome, spastic for someone with cerebral palsy - these were the accepted terms used by all.  In the playground we used the word spaz, thlid, mong... I referred to my best friend Angela, born to a Barbadian Mother and English Father as half caste.....this was the world we lived in.  The world where decades later through greater awareness, through political activism, through the constant perseverance of a few we started to think as a society about what we were actually saying.