...and onto the next phase

well, Daisy now officially has only 5cm of large bowel left, a Mitrofanoff channel formed from her appendix for catheterisation and as a bonus a repaired parastomal hernia and a new chapter in her life has begun.

When we met with the surgeons the day before the operation the enormity of what we were consenting for on her behalf hit us, this was huge surgery, with all sorts of risks and possibilities for complications but having spent six hours in theatre yesterday the consensus
among all the team involved is that it could not have gone better. There were so many concerns about abdominal adhesions, viability of her appendix to be used for the Mitrofanoff, bleeding - however everything went according to plan and Daisy is now back on the ward and the long road to recovery can begin.

Again the terrible night she experienced the night before the operation confirmed to us why the surgery needed to go ahead. We have not been able to put any feed into her jejenostomy for many weeks now as she has been refluxing so badly and the night before her operation she vomited constantly and was pouring bile out of her gastrostomy. We hope that this deterioration is not permanent but only time will tell.

In the meantime we are now focused on Daisy's recovery. Not surprisingly her bowel did not like being handled and has shut down, it coUld take a while before it starts to work again. She has an epidural for pain relief plus a constant infusion of double strength ketamine and morphine, we just need to keep her comfortable and let her recover from the anaesthetic , as always our mantra will be " one day at a time"

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