Simple Pleasures

The simplest pleasures - I decided to travel to Great Ormond Street by train yesterday as I had been struck with the winter lurgy and couldn't face driving - Daisy loved the train, thedouble decker bus and the taxi, she waved at everyone, rang the bell on the bus and couldn't wait to get to school to tell her teacher about her big adventure. Sadly the tests at the hospital were inconclusive and didn't give us any answers to why Daisy continues to vomit so much bile despite her gastrostomy being on free drainage all the time but this was compensated for by the joy in Daisy's face on the journey there and back. It's a rare occasion that we actually thank Transport for London for being the highlight of the day!
And here are some more recent pics of life with Daisy...

A kiss from mummy before going to school

Not too happy about having to leave school early for a hospital appointment

A bed fit for a princess (and Donald, Minnie, Oso, Peppa...)

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