How I got my groove back

In a couple of weeks I will be 44

Yes - hard to believe isn't it!!!  I don't know what I imagined my life to be like at 44 but there are a lot of things I did not expect it to be like. While I knew I would proably have more than the average number of children, I did not expect to have two with additional needs.  I expected to start slowing down, not speeding up, I did not expect to be still changing nappies or carrying children around or making up milk feeds, I certainly did not expect to be performing the sort of medical procedures that I do day in day out, or needing the mental agility required to defuse an autistic meltdown before it becomes full strength, I expected to be working part time and reducing my hours, not working all the hours god sends for no money, I definitely expected to have slightly more disposable income ....

But on my journey to get to this unexpected stage in my life, there have been three separate pieces of wisdom given to me which have stuck and become my mantra for keeping it all together when it seemed my world was falling apart.

#1 - I was working at Hewlett Packard and had reached a cross roads in my career - stay in the safe, secure role or move into a more risky but more exciting role?  Chatting it through with a good friend she said "if you want it enough, you will make it happen, if you don't you will make an excuse".  Those words have stuck with me like glue, they are my philosophy for life, they are my measure for everything I do. (I took the exciting, more risky role by the way).

#2 - I took up yoga in 1996 when I was pregnant with my Theo.  I have stayed with it over the years, sometimes going to classes, sometimes practising on my own.  I have met many great yoga teachers over this time and since January I have been working with a fantastic local teacher.  Yoga has given me time to switch off and nurture my mind, I know when I practice it regularly it helps me deal with the stresses of my life.  The words of my first yoga teacher have remained with me and ring in my ears at those times when I just can't be bothered to get up and exercise "you are rarely physically tired but you can be mentally tired".  Remembering those words when I have got up in the morning after an awful night with Daisy and thought that I could not face the day let alone getting out of the house for a run I have found energy and vitality I did not think I had, it truly is mind over matter when it comes to making the effort to exercise and the biggest barrier is that little voice in your head saying you are too tired.

#3 - Daisy was born by caesarian section, my first after 3 normal births.  I had developed a condition called polyhydroamnios when I was pregnant with her which meant I had too much amniotic fluid and although she was born nearly 2 months prematurely I was the size of a house with all the extra fluid.  This coupled with a lengthy stay in neonates and then subsequent stays in hospital meant that I did not get back into shape post-pregnancy as I had with my other 3.  My hip and back seized up and I could barely move and the doctor referred me to a physio.  She pointed out to me that "looking after a child with additional needs I would need the strength and stamina of a manual labourer".  She was right, I work long hours, I carry heavy loads constantly bending, lifting, carrying - to keep going I would need to ensure I was up to the task physically.

So over the years I have ensured that I am in the right place mentally and physically to face the challenges life has thrown at me and these three mantras have become the philosphy for how I live and why I have chosen to take control and get my groove back.

Just 6 months ago we made the decision to manage as much of Daisy's care at home and to keep her out of hospital.  There is no cure for Daisy's condition and all focus is on her quality of life with all care being palliative.  I wrote at the time that this decision to minimise hospital stays and focus on her quality of life for the time she has was really liberating, it meant that we were not living with false hope, we were being realistic and just embracing the time we have together. (A new phase begins ).

During those 6 months I have made huge changes in my life that being  home as a family at last has enabled me to do.  I lost the last bit of baby weight that was still clinging on, I went back to regular yoga classes in order to reinvigorate my practice, I began to write more and more and to raise the profile of my blog through networking with other bloggers and I started to run again.

I had kept meaning to get back out running but I was always finding an excuse not too, then those three mantras came back to me - was I making an excuse?  was I really tired or was it that little voice again? if I didn't get fit would I be up to the task of looking after Daisy?  So one cold, wet, miserable day in January I walked Jules to school then I started to run, and I ran for three miles and loved it.  I figured that if I could get out on the worst day of the year, when I was tired and the weather was rubbish then I would have no excuse if all the conditions were at their best.

I now run around 25 miles a week, fitting it around the children and Andy means sometimes its early in the morning, sometimes its late at night but I will not miss a run now, it's my time, no phone just me, my music and the fresh air - my time to get my head together away from the chaos at home.

So suprisingly, when on the surface it would seem that my world is pretty dire; we are now going through the statementing process for Theo as he struggles with the darker influences of his Aspergers and they impact on his ability to access education, as Daisy's bladder continues to fail and her colon has become inflammed again - I am feeling good about life.

Yes life has dealt me some crappy cards but I am not going to take it lying down, I'm going to face it head on and show it what I'm made of.  That's why every birthday is a cause for a celebration - I'm still here, all my children are still here, I've lived another year and I'm coming back for more!

This year my birthday falls on a Sunday - in the morning Daisy has been invited to a Princesses Party at Hamleys in London, then while she goes for a sleepover at our hospice, Andy and I are going out with friends, taking in the Damien Hirst exhibition at the Tate Modern then indulging in a few Mojitos on the Southbank.  I cannot predict what the next twelve months of my life will bring, the odds on it being trauma free are not good, but I am determined to be mentally and physically prepared for whatever is to come, even if it means that to the outside world I am a swan, serenely gliding through life, while paddling like hell below the water.

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  1. Looking for blue sky6:54 am

    I think you would love my friend and fellow blogger, Helen, who always impresses me with her positive attitude. I do try to be positive, but I often vent on my blog when everything seems a bit hopeless. I'm with you on the celebrating still being here thing tho! Especially as I reach my half century very shortly ....

  2. I have come to similar conclusions myself recently about the need to be mentally and physically fit and out of the blue decided to go for q run to clear my head. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Nowhere near the 25 mile Mark yet, but who knows?

  3. What an absolutely awesome post.
    You are 100% an inspiration.
    I taught yoga for 6 years right up until being between 37 and 38 weeks pregnant and I haven't struck a pose since Aaron was born - I KNOW life would be better if I did but I make the excuses.......
    Need to sort it out - you have give me a nudge, both with your mention of yoga and the fact  that you can fit in 25 miles a week - wow wow wow.
    Thank you thank you xxx

  4. Stephanie Nimmo12:20 am

    Thanks so much for that - get back to that yoga - it keeps body and soul together! xx

  5. Such an important post with so many powerful messages.  Honoured you linked it up to Groovy Mums.