They said you wouldn't make it

They said you wouldn't make it

the doctors, the medics.

They said go home, enjoy your time.

We rode each wave,

each crisis,

the adrenalin pumping.

And you came through.

sepsis, seizures, surgeries,

each time they said you would not make it,

and over and and over you have defied the odds.

Here you are today,

10 years old.

When we did not know if you would make it to one year.

Still embracing life,

determined to show the world who's boss.

Happy Birthday Daisy Rose xxx

Thank you to all of the doctors, nurses, therapists, pharmacists, microbiologists and other assorted specialists who have never given up on Daisy - thanks to you, we can celebrate this amazing milestone.

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  1. Happy Birthday to an amazing, strong young lady - we know where she gets it from ;) Hope you all have a lovely day together, and a very merry Christmas too xx