St Andrew's Day 2015

30th November, St Andrew's Day.

Andy was born on  on the 26th November in Kilmarnock , Scotland.  His parents registered his birth on St Andrew's Day, giving him the name Andrew Paul in honour of the Scottish patron saint.

So we thought St Andrew's Day would be a good day to tell you some sad news.

Last week Andy was told that the cancer that his medical team had worked to hard to make operable was now infiltrating the liver and no further active treatment options were available.

His care is now palliative, supporting his symptoms in order to make him as comfortable as possible during this final phase.

We always knew this time would come, we just did not expect it to come so soon - a year, five years, the outcome was always going to be the same.  The brilliant medical care Andy has had has given us a year.  And what a year.

When you know your time is limited you have to seize every moment.  We learned this early on with Daisy, we  knew that our time together as a family of 6 would be shorter than most, we just did not think that it would be Andy who would go first.  But as we always say, it is what it is and while it is so sad, Andy's diagnosis has created the most precious opportunity to say goodbye and plan for a good death.

We are enjoying this time together, seeing friends,  fitting in a 24 hour visit to family in Scotland, looking at old photos, sharing memories and having the biggest laughs as we remember all the incredible things we have done and the people who have been part of Andy's journey.

We feel privileged to have this time to prepare and say goodbye.

Seize the moment and take nothing for granted.

Sending all the love - it's a wonderful life.

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