I guess I blogged too soon......at 6am this morning I had a call from Chase to say that Daisy's temp had spiked to 41.5 and they had called an ambulance to transfer her to the nearest hospital. I woke the children and delivered them to my wonderful friend Maria (thank you so much Maria!!!) and bombed down the A3 to the Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford.

In true Daisy style she was still smiling, however her blood pressure was unstable and she needed one of her favourite IV fluid boluses to stabilise her. Blood cultures have been taken but we are working on the assumption she once again has bacterial sepsis caused by a line infection. Antibiotics have been started (2 weeks and 1 day since the last lot were finished - a record!) and by late afternoon she was stable enough to be transferred back to our wonderful Queen Mary's Hospital.

As always it's two steps forward and one step back and at least this time she did not need to go into Paediatric Intensive Care....and she did get to go to Chase at last, though leaving by blue light ambulance was not quite in the plan....

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